Aluminum Foil Tape are widely used in insulation materials industries, construction decoration works sectors, air conditioning, refrigeration equipment industry, refrigerator manufacturing industries, a gas manufacturing industry, electronics, batteries, communications cable manufacturing industry, food, pharmaceutical and packaging industry, and other fields.

Alluminum Tape is made from aluminum film coated with solvent adhesive . it is widely used in electric industry . such as air -conditioner , refrigerator and water heater . etc . 

Thickness : 50mic, 65mic , 85mic , 150mic

Size of Jumbo:1.01m/1.21m/x1000m/1200m/1400m/1500m

I.D. of Paper Core:3 inch

Tolerance:±2mic for thickness; ±2mm for width; ±0.2% for length

The products should be stored at room temperature and kept away from moisture.

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