They have better Tensile strength,tear resistance,strong anti penetration,high adhesive and shrinkage rate,compact package for the product etc.characteristic.And they are widely used in the packing of Furniture,electronic,transport,etc.
Classification of our products:
A. Hand wrap film
C. Color:
1. Natural for packaging of Furniture,transport packaging
2. Black for resist ultraviolet ray(Electronic)
3. Blue for environment safeguard(medicine)
Manufacture ability of our company:
1. Thickness 15micron-50micron(conventional:20micron)
2. Width 100mm-10000mm(conventional:250,260,450,500mm)
3. Length:According to your special requirement but Net Weight less than 50KG/roll

( Adopt 100% virgin material to produce, Adopt imported fully-automatic stretch film unit in the production. )

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