PET laminating pouch film 
  • PRODUCT INTRODUCTION: Characteristic: pouch, high clarity, wearable on surface, durability, good bonding. 

THE PET POUCH FILM widely used for protecting the ID card, license, permit, representative card, service card, photograph, literary history file, business license, computer figure and name card. The characteristic of PET POUCH FILM is waterproofing, anti-alteration, anti-fungus and insect- proof, corrosion – resistant, easy cleaning, high clear, transparency and beauty.

  • Base:PET 
  • Adhesive:EVA 
  • Thickness:75μm 80μm 100μm 125μm 150μm 175μm 200μm 250μm 
  • Package:100 piece/box (white box, color box) 
Application parameter
  • laminate temperature:110~135℃ 

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